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What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here are just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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"The whole transaction was so simple!" June 8, 2020 - Oasis House Buyers
Melinda no longer wanted to manage her duplex. Christine was able to help her quickly to sell it.

Hi I’m Melinda and I just completed a transaction with Christine Palm and her investment company Oasis House Buyers. The whole process was simple, she contacted me from some information from the PVA, I didn’t want to sell my home but I did want to sell my duplex. The whole process has been going on since March, it is only May 29th and we are closed and I have my money. Everything is paid off and I am really happy about the whole situation. The whole transaction was so simple.

Melinda K
Brad and Dawn wanted to sell their tri-plex quickly. Oasis House Buyers
Brad and Dawn are business owners and didn’t have time to devote to their rentals. They gave me a call and we were able to buy their house and take the burden off their shoulders.

“I just want to tell you about our experience with Christine. We had a tri-plex we were thinking about selling and we were talking about it. They got a letter and Dawn responded to Christine’s letter and ended up doing the deal, it was very easy, very clean. Sweetheart to deal with and I highly recommend her.”

Brad & Dawn
Does your medical issues make you want to sell your house fast?
The Halls have owned their property for 19 years. Bill took care of it for 17 years then he ended up in a wheelchair. His wife had to go take care of it after that. Managing 7 units on her own was difficult for her. They were very glad to sell the house to us and be able to be stress free from many tenants.

“We have owned that house for 19 years. Bill has been sick for 2 years now, unable to walk. So that meant that I had to do all the climbing of the steps and chasing down the tenants. Going back and leaving notes. So I got tired of that and I did want to sell.”

Bill & Joan
Sell my inherited house - testimonial. Oasis House Buyers
Johnetta sold her inherited house to Oasis House Buyer. There were liens against the house. Christine was able to help her find out what was due and be able to sell quickly.

“Hello! Good morning good morning! I would like to tell you about someone I sold my house to, Christine Palm. She is a good person to work with, a little crazy, just kidding. She is really sweet, about her business. We closed in about two and a half weeks since we sold the house. Really fast. I enjoyed it. She is a really good person if you want to sell your house. Christine Palm!”

Johnetta Y
Charles and Donna sold their house quickly - Oasis House Buyers
Charles and Donna had a house that was not livable. Christine with Oasis House Buyer was able to help them out and buy the house as is.

“Christine got a buyer for our house. She was very efficient and handled all the problems we had. I would use her again. My wife Donna here is satisfied with her too. I would think she is ok and I would recommend her.”

Charles & Donna
Charles and Sally sold their houses quickly to Oasis House Buyers
Charles and Sally had a duplex in Lexington KY they wanted to sell. They had moved out of town and didn’t want to keep on coming back to mow the lawn.

“I was very pleased with Christine with the transition of the house, in buying it. She was very curious and nice. We enjoyed doing business with her.” -Charles 
“Yes, we are glad that she sent us little notes so that we could work with her. It was very nice working with her. Thank you very much.” – Sally

Charles & Sally
Delores sold her inherited house to Oasis House Buyers
Delores sold her sister’s house to Christine with Oasis House Buyers. There were some probate issues and our attorneys were able to get the issues resolved and close in a timely manner.

“If you are interested in selling your home just call Christine. I have been very please with working with her. She was always on time and very thorough.”

Delores C
Lisa and Claiborne sold their house to
Lisa and Claiborne were having a new house built. It was stressful having the old house looming over their heads. They were able to get under contract with Christine over a month and a half before the new house was built.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Christine did a great job with the closing on our house. Did it on our time, was so helpful, convenient and getting everything straight when we were stressing out. She helped us through the whole process. She would be the one to contact.”

Lisa & Claiborne
Jeff sold his house quickly
Jeff was moving out west and needed to sell his house in Lexington KY! Christine from Oasis House Buyers was able to help him sell and move out easily with no stress.

“Christine was wonderful to work with. She made the whole process extremely simple and easy. It was a lot easier than anything else I sold recently.”

Jeff D
January 16, 2020
Chrissy moved out of her house and tried to rent it. Being a landlord was more difficult than she thought so she sold it quickly and easily to us!

“Hello my name is Chrissy and I just sold my house. The experience was very non stressful, very easy. We are at the closing attorney’s office right now and it has been less than a month since we started our process. We had no issues and negotiations were very easy. I would recommend you using Christine Palm if you want to sell your house.”